CEM Operation Engineer

Job Responsibility:

  1. Customize and implement the service analysis module solution based on customer requirements, CEM service product solution, and different network conditions and specific requirements.
  2. Analyzes CS and PS KQIs/KPIs, provides service analysis reports, demarcates abnormal KQIs/KPIs, identifies the problem scope, provides solutions, and traces the problem resolution.
  3. Analyzes and handles network-level or single-subscriber-level problems, such as service quality monitoring, complaint handling, and VIP Care.

Work Requirement:

  1. Bachelor degree or above. Major in Telecommunication, electronics, computer related field is preferred.
  2. At least 3 years working experience in Carrier’s mobile networks. Experience in CEM related field is much preferred.
  3. Familiar with CS and PS services and signaling processes. Able to handle end-to-end service processing processes well. Excel at wireless communication network architecture.
  4. Rich experience in Telecom or data analysis industry, familiar with MySQL database, data mining algorithms and principles;
  5. Have strong understanding of customer requirements and communication skills, and be familiar with service fault locating and customer complaint handling.
  6. Fluent in both English and French is mandatory. English will be the working language.

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NB: Please send your CV in ENGLISH version to [email protected] and specifying in the subject the job title.
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