Responsibility – PRODUCT MANAGER

1. Deep understanding of eletrical system. electricity generation and distribution, related equipments like UPS, PDF etc. knowledge of electrical calculation such as local calculation, backup battery calculation etc.
2. Deep understanding of cooling system working principle and knowledge of different kinds of cooling system,like chilled water cooling system, AHU, DX etc.
3. Deep understanding of datacenter O&M, like reliability improvement, efficiency improvement etc.
4.understand basic telecommunication knowledge ,include IP/WDM/Access

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Business Skill:
1. Konwledge of using AutoCAD as drawing tool
2. Knowledge of basic solution sales skills like pain analysis, customization and optimiztion of solution, customer guide.
Professional knowledge learning requirements:
1. More than 1 year experience as a network solution manager, can use English as a working language, strong pressure resistance and achievement orientation.
2. Master and apply the basic principles and knowledge of network products, understand and apply product solutions, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of mainstream manufacturers.

Professional skill requirements:
1. Have the ability of network solution design, configuration and quotation.
2. Have the ability of customer communication and guidance, understand customer needs.
3. Have the ability of project operation, track clues and opportunity points, participate in the formulation of project strategy, and achieve project success.

Please send your CV preferably in ENGLISH version to
[email protected] and specifying in the subject the job title.

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